Reviewed by Frank Hamrick

WHISTLE STOP (Bezier Games,  2 to 5 players, ages 13 and up 75-90 minutes; $59.95)


Yes, Whistle Stop is yet another train game! And yes, there are a lot of train games in the Euro gaming hobby (over 1000 are listed on BGG!) from Wallis’s New Railway Game (published in 1830), to Dispatcher (my first ‘train’ game, 1958) to Whistle Stop in 2017/ This genre has been popular with gamers, for many reasons:  a) Train games excel in a beloved gaming mechanic: pick up and deliver, b) not all, but many Train games are played on a map (and who doesn’t like maps?), c) train games often involve buying and selling stocks – yet another popular genre in the gaming world, d) train games generally feature the expanding growth of rail lines – and gamers love games that expand across a map (whether it’s an army, a growing city, a farm, roads, power networks, villages, kingdoms, or rail lines) and, finally, e) there’s just something romantic about the great iron dragons that thunder across our hills and valleys! Thus, the gaming landscape will always make room for another train!

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