Reviewed by Herb Levy

UNFORGIVEN: THE LINCOLN ASSASSINATION TRIAL (Green Feet Games, 2 players, ages 13 and up, 25 minutes; $34.99)


It’s been said that the last casualty of the American Civil War was the President of the United States: Abraham Lincoln. As the victim of a conspiracy led by John Wilkes Booth to decapitate the government of the United States, Lincoln was the sole fatality. In the aftermath, Booth was tracked down and killed with the other conspirators caught and put on trial. These conspirators met at the boarding house run by Mary Surratt and she, too, was arrested as a member of the conspiracy. In this new game designed by Tom Butler, Mary Surratt (as in real life) is on trial for her life for her role in this conspiracy. Will she be found innocent? Or, as evidence mounts, be found guilty and be Unforgiven?

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