compiled (with commentary and photos) by Nick Sauer and Herb Levy


Introduction by Nick Sauer

This site is a photo gallery of the various Sid Sackson games that I have managed to collect over the past decade and a half. It is not complete in the sense that I never felt the need to own every different copy of each game of his that was ever published (although I come pretty close with Acquire). In cases where different versions of some of his more popular games exist, I will mention the different versions in the notes for the picture of that title. The objective of this site is to be the most complete listing of Sid’s prolific output available. My feeling is that this would be a fitting monument to pay Sid back for all of the hours on entertainment he has given me over the years.

Notes: I just wanted to add some notes for fellow game archeologists. My initial list of Sackson titles came from a list created for the 1989 Essen game show. This was the year that Sid Sackson was the guest of honor. This list was a very good starting point but, it had a number of transcription errors in it that I have corrected over the years (the funniest of which sent me on a wild goose chase for an Italian version of a game called High Finance). I have since gotten access to the master lists and Sid’s corrections that were used to make the Essen list. These have verified a bunch of my previous corrections as well as adding items that never made it to the final version of the list. This is what I have used to gather my Sid Sackson collection. At this point I would say that the list is probably complete but, it wouldn’t surprise me to find a title that came out between 1989 and 1997 that I missed. Any questions or comments can be sent to Nick Sauer at either or Enjoy the site.

A further note: This project began as a labor of love by Nick Sauer. With his kind permission, I have added photos and commentary as well. This is still a continuing project so please feel free to contact us with any additional information or necessary corrections. I can be reached at – Herb Levy

Published Games – This section includes all of Sid’s games that were published either by a professional publisher or by Sid himself. Games published in magazines are included in their own section.

Published Books – This section covers the various books that Sid published over the years. This of course includes A Gamut of Games but, also covers the extremely long line of “Beyond” books published by Pantheon. There are also a couple of other titles, one of which has largely slipped into obscurity.

Published Puzzles – This section covers the various puzzles Sid designed over the course of his career. These are considerably less well known than his games or books.

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