The Puzzles of Sid Sackson

Commentary by Nick Sauer


Ffittingitting and Proper:

This was put out by Springbok (the jigsaw puzzle people) in 1973 as part of a set of five puzzles. This is actually one of the most creative puzzles I have ever encountered. There are 36 pegs included with the game as well as a number of L shaped pieces with holes to accommodate the pegs in various locations. You start by placing the 36 pegs on the board and, then attempt to fill the board with the L shaped pieces. Since there are a number of different solutions the puzzle will never “get old” once you solve it.



holleyHolley Terror:

This along with Le Serpent and Le Gratte Ciel are a set of three puzzles published by Midilude in France in 1981. The puzzle is actually one of the better ones I have encountered. The idea is that you have to make four 3 by 4 hole plates that stack on top of one another and, all of the holes have to have the same shape in all four levels. There are three solutions to the puzzle but the one I managed to come up with on my own matches the solution provided with the rules.



nineofswordsNine of Swords:

An interesting puzzle that was published by Gametime/Reiss in 1971. It is a play on the whole sword in the stone concept. The swords have four blades and the blades have notches cut in them that allow the sword blades to interlock with one another when placed in the cube.





rightThe Right Connections:

This was put out by Springbok (the jigsaw puzzle company) in 1973 as part of a set of five puzzles. This puzzle features nine rotating wheels with eight spokes in four colors coming off each wheel. The object is to turn the wheels in such a way as to make a complete path of one color.




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