Reviewed by Herb Levy

SPEAKEASY BLUES (Artana Games, 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up, 45-60 minutes; $60)


The “Roaring Twenties” wasn’t called that for nothing! In the 1920s when Prohibition was the law and folks were prevented from easily getting their favorite alcoholic beverages, many rebelled against this restriction (and other “accepted” behavior). Groups began to gather in out of the way places that operated in the shadows, just on the border between legal and illegal.  Very often, to get into these clubs filled with jazz, drink and all sorts of characters, you had to know a password and, when knocking at the front door, speak it softly so no one else would hear. These places were called “speakeasies” and in this new game designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrien Adamescu, each player is the owner of one of these clubs, attempting to make theirs the most popular with the best reputation among those “in the know” to avoid singing the Speakeasy Blues

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