Volume 1 Back Issues

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All Volume 1 issues of Gamers Alliance Report were printed and mailed to subscribers. Each of these back issues are filled with quality reviews that never go out of style by some of the finest writers on games to be found anywhere!

Each issue is priced at only $7.95 postpaid anywhere in the United States! (Or any 3 for $19 postpaid!) And only $10.95 postpaid anywhere outside the USA – or any 3 for $27.99 postpaid for our international friends!)

1. Fall 1986 – Flight Leader, Wildcatter, Nuke, and more! 2. Winter 1987 – 2nd Fleet, Castle Risk,  Power!, Advance to Boardwalk,  Therapy: The Game and more!  3. Spring 1987 – Fortress America, Against the Reich, Traveller:2300 and more!
4. Summer 1987 – Kings & Things, Viceroys, Annex Pictionary and more! 5. Fall 1987 – Scorched Earth, Tales of the Arabian Nights, 1830, Britannia and more! 6. Winter 1988 – Central America, Shogun, Star Traders and more!
7. Spring 1988 – 7th Fleet, Supremacy, Wordsearch and more! 8. Summer 1988 – Lee vs. Grant, Talisman, Rollout, Shanghai Trader and more! 9. Fall 1988 – Blood Royale, Kremlin, The Hunt for Red October and more!
10. Winter 1989 – Tokyo Express, Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, Merchant of Venus and more! 11. Spring 1989 – Assault on Hoth, Space: 1889, Abalone, Game Classics #1 and more! 12. Summer 1989 – Enemy in Sight, Trump: The Game, Family Business and more!
13. Fall 1989 – Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century, AD&D 2nd Edition and more! 14. Winter 1990 – MBT, Battle for Endor, Lone Wolf and Cub Boardgame, Game Classics #2, more! 15. Spring 1990 – Siege of Jerusalem, 5th Fleet, Speculation, Ad-Liners and more!
16. Summer 1990 – Escape from the Death Star, Taboo, Sky Galleons of Mars and more! 17. Fall 1990 – Modern Naval Battles, Railway Rivals, Scattergories, first Sid Sackson Says column and more! 18. Winter 1991 – Mage Stones, Eurorails, New World and more!
19. Spring 1991 – Days of Decision, Trumpet, Stack, Winchester, Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday and more!  20. Summer 1991 – The Legend Begins, Express Guesstures, HeroQuest, and more! 21. Fall 1991 – Hornet Leader, Set, Attack Sub, Tabloid Teasers, Daytona 500 Race Game,  Game Classics #3 and more!
22. Winter 1992 – Adel Verpflichtet, Cosmic Encounter, Clue: The Great Museum Caper and more! 23. Spring 1992 – Republic of Rome, Sherlock Holmes Card Game, more! 24. Summer 1992 – Candidate, Pipeline, The Peloponnesian War, Times to Remember,  Game Classics #4, more!
25. Fall 1992 – Stalingrad Pocket, Tyranno Ex, Vanished!, Dragon Quest and more! 26. Winter 1993 – Battle Masters, Fast Food Franchise and more! 27. Spring 1993 – Across 5 Aprils, Stonewall Jackson’s Way, Mystic War, more!
28. Summer 1993 – Santa Fe, Elfenroads, Jurassic Park, Quarto, more! 29. Fall 1993 – Austerlitz, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, more! 30. Winter 1994 – History of the World, Magic, the Gathering, Dragon Strike, Inklings and more!
31. Spring 1994 – We the People, Extinction, Sim City 2000, Palabra, Freez! and more! 32. Summer 1994 – Triumphant Fox, Credo, Sports Dynasty, Game Classics #5 and more! 33. Fall 1994 – Enemy at the Gates, 13 Dead End Drive, W-W III, First Quest and more!
34. Winter 1995 – Ring of Fire, Star Trek: TNG: CCG, Guerilla, Intrige, Duo and more! 35. Spring 1995 –  Dixie, Britain Stands Alone, Wyvern,  Power: The Game, more! 36. Summer 1995 -A Famous Victory, Spy Quest, Illuminati: New World Order and more!
37. Fall 1995 – Colonial Diplomacy, Yom Kippur, Crisis: Sinai 1973, Sharp Shooters, more! 38. Winter 1996 – Dragon Dice, Age of Exploration, Catch Phrase!, 1870 and more! 39. Spring 1996 – Honor of the Samurai, Simply Cosmic, Geronimo, Field Command, Top of the Order and  more!
40. Summer 1996 – Machiavelli, Samurai Swords, Take 6, more! 41. Fall 1996 – Settlers of Catan, Air Baron, Modern Art, Knightmare Chess, Last Chance, Ultimate Rummy and  more! 42. Winter 1997 – Manhattan, Hannibal, Hattrick, Streetcar, Dino Hunt, more!
 43. Spring 1997 -Age of Renaissance,  Five Crowns, Tutanchamun, Quoridor, Rush Hour, and more!  44. Summer 1997 – Quandary, Star Wars Monopoly, Beyond Balderdash, Genius Rules and more!  45. Fall 1997 – Titan: The Arena, Kill Doctor Lucky,  Palmyra, Bohnanza, more!
46. Winter 1998 – Wiz-War, Mississippi Queen, Get the Goods, Sizimizi, final “Sid Sackson Says” column, more! 47. Spring 1998 – GIPF,  Löwenherz, Lionheart, Ursuppe, Euphrat & Tigris,  more! 48. Summer 1998 – Successors, It’s Mine!, Tycoon, Fossil, more!
49. Fall 1998 – El Grande, Mystery Rummy #1: Jack the Ripper, Bosworth, Guillotine, Medici, more! 50. Winter 1999 – Samurai, Verrater, Showmanager,  Game Classics and more! 51. Spring 1999 – Tikal, Chinatown, Mamma Mia and more!
52. Summer 1999 – Union Pacific, Ra,  Giganten, Krieg und Frieden, Overthrone, Target, more! 53. Fall 1999 – Torres, Siesta, Buried Treasure, Button Men, Brawl, 6 Billion and more! 54. Winter 2000 – Vinci, Settlers of Nuremberg, Starfarers of Catan,  Andromeda, more!
55. Spring 2000 – Merchants of Amsterdam, Silverton, Acquire, Taj Mahal and more! 56. Summer 2000 – Battle Cry, Axis & Allies: Europe, Citadels, Web of Power, more!  57. Fall 2000 – Hera and Zeus, Dragon Delta, San Francisco, Princes of Florence and more!
58. Winter 2001 – Java, Lord of the Rings, Galaxy: The Dark Ages, Battle Line and more! 59. Spring 2001 – San Marco, Morisi, Capitol, Ivanhoe, Mystery Rummy #3, more!  60. Summer 2001 – Carcassonne, Wyatt Earp, Babel, Axis & Allies: Pacific, Africa,  more!
61. Fall 2001 – Don, HellRail (Third Perdition), Bali, Luxor,  Chrononauts, History of the World, Game Classics and  more!

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With great sadness, we regret to inform you that our founder, Herbert Levy, passed away this morningHerb was an incredible leader of the gaming community, founding Gamers Alliance in 1986, and even winning a Bradley-Parker award in 2011 - this is a shattering loss to his family, friends, and loved ones. We apologize to the Gamers Alliance community members, as all current orders have been canceled - thank you for your understanding and condolences ... See MoreSee Less
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Dungeons & Dragons created a whole genre of gaming and I love the bits of history that relate to it. www.chaosium.com/blogfrom-the-qa-did-chaosium-founder-greg-stafford-own-the-firstever-copy-of-dd-... ... See MoreSee Less
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The joy of gaming (as defined by the inimitable Gahan Wilson)! (Click on it to see the entire caption!) ... See MoreSee Less
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For those who LOVE a challenge! ... See MoreSee Less
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Once again, there are over 180 (!) Gamers Alliance auctions on eBay right now, featuring lots of games – from 7 Wonders to Zombicide – and more including lots of Cthulhu items, Lord of the Rings items, Magic, the Gathering items, Spellfire and other CCGs, Endless Quest books and more! Anybody can bid but if you join Gamers Alliance – full details on site – you get $$$ to spend on your winning bids!!!Enjoy your visit!www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=132900256458&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562&_ssn=gamersalliance ... See MoreSee Less
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