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GAMERS ALLIANCE REPORT is the longest running, continuously published, English-language general gaming magazine in the world! Over the decades, we have grown an international readership who is interested in games, Games, GAMES and MORE GAMES! And, more importantly for game companies and creators, our readership puts their money where their interests lie! They are serious spenders looking to spend their hard earned cash on quality games – and they find these quality games featured in GA REPORT. So, how do you get YOUR game into our pages to reach this targeted market? Easy! Just follow these simple guidelines:

1. ANY game of any type (generally, but not exclusively, board games and card games) will be considered for review in GAMERS ALLIANCE REPORT. However, they must be the “finished” product as available to the gaming public. No prototypes are accepted for review in GA REPORT. (We DO offer confidential Consultation Services aimed at evaluating and developing prototypes, however. E-mail for full details on that service.)

2. When sending review copies, please include the following information:

  • The retail price of the game.
  • Whether or not the game is available directly to the game-buying public through the mail.
  • If the game is available by mail, whether or not the price includes shipping charges.

3. In order to show off your game to best advantage, we recommend photographs of the game and its components (in a ready to upload format or via an internet link) should be included with your review submission. Background material (about the game’s history, its designers and/or developers etc.) is always welcome.

4. There are NO fees, NO hidden costs, NO obligations of any kind associated with submitting items for review. Please be aware, however, that all games are judged solely on their merits with only the best featured. Mere submission of a game for review does not guarantee a review.

5. Review material should be sent to:

Gamers Alliance
PO Box 197
East Meadow, NY 11554, USA

To expedite the review process, TWO copies of each game may be sent but this is merely a suggestion and not a requirement. If shipping by a method other than the United States Postal Service, please e-mail for a street address. Questions? Concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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