Reviewed by Herb Levy

HIGH TREASON! THE TRIAL OF LOUIS RIEL JULY 1885 (Victory Point Games, 2 players, ages 13 and up, 40 minutes; $20.79)


Westward expansion in Canada was different from the American experience. In Canada, mainly French Catholic fur trappers and traders moved west and intermarried with the Native Americans there to form a new culture: the Metis. Being neither native nor white, treaties between the Canadian government and Native Americans did not apply to the Metis. This inequity led to unrest which led to rebellion in 1869, a successful rebellion led by Louis Riel, resulting in the Manitoba Act. But Riel, himself, had to flee to the United States where he remained until further difficulties between the Metis and the Canadian government led to more unrest. Once again, rebellion broke out and Riel returned to lead it. This time, however, the rebellion was crushed by the Canadian military, Riel was captured and, in 1885,  put on trial for treason. This game, designed by Alex Berry, centers on that trial as it pits two players against each other – one as the Prosecution and one as the Defense – in High Treason! The Trial of Louis Riel July 1885.

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