Political Games

1960: Making of the President Game of Politics (1952) Political Suicide
Africa 1880 (Tilsit) Hi-Politix Risky Strategy
Assassin! (Southhold) Hostage Road to the White House
Ax Your Tax I Want to be President SOB
Bigwig Junta (West End) Summit (Milton Bradley, 1961)
Campaign (1966) The Kennedys (1962) Supremacy
Campaign for White House Kommissar (1966) Suzerain
Campaign Manager 2008 Landslide (see Parker page) The Third Estate
Cities Game Lie, Cheat & Steal Tom Clancy’s Politika
Class Struggle (flatbox) Lobby (1949) United Nations (1961)
Comrades Mr. President (see 3M page) Watergate Scandal
Consensus (1966/1967) The Next President (1971) White House (RGI)
Corruption (JW Small, 1985) Origins of WWII (see AH page) Who Can Beat Nixon?
Game of Nations Political Pursuit