Avalon Hill


Afrika Korps Gettysburg (1964) Stalingrad (big box ed.)
Air Empire Guadalcanal (1966) Stalingrad (small box)
Battle of the Bulge (1965) Guadalcanal (Smithsonian) Tactics II
Bismarck (1962, big box ed.) Journeys of St. Paul Tuf
Blitzkrieg Kriegspiel Tuf-abet
C&O/B&O LeMans U-Boat (metal pieces
Chancellorsville (1961 ed.) Management U-Boat (cardboard pieces)
Civil War (1961) Midway Verdict
D-Day Nieuchess Verdict II
Dispatcher 1914 Waterloo (big box ed.)
France 1940 Origins of World War II Waterloo (small box ed.)
Gettysburg (1958) Richthofen’s War Word Power (flat box edition)
Gettysburg (Battlefield ed.) Squander Word Power (bookshelf box ed.)
Gettysburg (1961)   Year of the Lord



Adel Verplichtet Foreign Exchange Platoon
Air Baron Fortress Europa Princess Ryan’s Star Marines
Alexander Frederick the Great Quest for the Ideal Mate
Age of Renaissance Gangsters Rail Baron
Baseball Strategy (flatbox) Geronimo Russian Campaign
Baseball Strategy (1973) Gettysburg (1977) Samurai
Baseball Strategy (1981) Gladiator 1776
  Global Survival Shakespeare
Beat Inflation Strategy Game7 Go Showbiz
Bitter Woods Gold Source of the Nile
Black Magic Ritual Kit Guadalcanal (1992) Squad Leader
Black Spy Guns of August Starship Troopers (1st ed.)
Blind Justice Gunslinger Statis-Pro Baseball
Book of Lists Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Statis-Pro Baseball: Great Teams
By Hook or Crook Hexagony Stock Market Game
Caesar Alesia Hitler’s War Stonewall’s Last Battles
Civilization Intern Storm over Arnhem
Civilization: Advanced Trade Cards Kingmaker Tac Air
Civilization Western Map Kremlin Third Reich
Chancellorsville (1974 edition) Kremlin Revolution Expansion Titan
Chancellorsville (1979 edition) Little Round Top Titan: The Arena
The Collector London’s Burning Tobruk (Origins Ltd. Edition)
Colonial Diplomacy The Longest Day (unpunched) Tobruk (1975)
Crescendo of Doom Magic Realm Turning Point: Stalingrad
Cross of Iron MBT Twixt
Dinosaurs of the Lost World Monsters Ravage America Tyranno Ex
Diplomacy Moonstar Up Front
Down with the King Mystic Wood War & Peace
Dragonhunt Napoleon at Bay War at Sea
Dune: The Duel  Od We, the People
Elric Outdoor Survival Witchcraft Ritual Kit
Empires in Arms Panzer Armee Afrika Wizards
Firepower Panzer Leader Wizard’s Quest
Football Strategy (flatbox ed./bookshelf ed.) Panzerblitz Wooden Ships & Iron Men
  Past Lives  
  Pennant Race  



Acquire (Sid Sackson) Monsters Menace America
Axis & Allies: D-Day Nexus Ops
Betrayal at the House on the Hill (1st edition) Rocketville
Cosmic Encounter Stratego Legends
Diplomacy Star Wars: Queens Gambit
History of the World Vegas Showdown