3M Games

Acquire (World Map ed., Sackson) Hedron (paper game) Phlounder (blue box)
Acquire (wood tiles, Sackson) Hex (paper game) Plasm (paper game)
Acquire (plastic tiles, Sackson) High Bid (1st ed., tall box) Ploy
Backgammon High Bid (bookshelf) Point of Law
Bazaar (Sackson) High Bid (gamette) Pro Football
Bid & Bluff Image Quinto
Big League Baseball Jati (puzzle edition) Regatta
Breakthru Jumpin (green bookshelf box) Sleuth (Sackson)
Challenge Bridge (flatbox) Jumpin (BLACK bookshelf box) Snare (paper game, 1974)
Challenge Bridge (bookshelf) Kreskin’s Krystal Stocks & Bonds
Challenge Football (white box) Monad (gamette, Sackson) Sum Times
Challenge Football (red box) Mr. President USA (pre-3M ed.) Sum Up
Challenge Golf Mr. President (’65, chalkboard ed.) Thinking Man’s Football
Chess Mr. President (1965, “wheels” ed.) Thinking Man’s Golf
Contigo Mr. President (1967) Thorns (paper game)
Egghead or Chicken Mr. President (1971) Tic Tac Toe (paper game)
Evade Mr. Who Tryce (gamette)
Events Nab (paper game) Twixt (1st ed., big box)
Executive Decision (Sackson) Naval Battle (paper game) Twixt
Facts in Five Neo-Chess Venture (butterdish. Sackson)
Feudal Octrix (gamette) Venture (gamette, Sackson)
Foil (butterdish) Oh-Wah-Ree Win, Place & Show
Foil (gamette) Phlounder (1st ed., thick box)  
Foil (bookshelf box) Phlounder (green box, wood)  

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