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Afrika Korps Gettysburg (1964) Stalingrad (big box ed.)
Air Empire Guadalcanal (1966) Stalingrad (small box)
Battle of the Bulge (1965) Guadalcanal (Smithsonian) Tactics II
Bismarck (1962, big box ed.) Journeys of St. Paul Tuf
Blitzkrieg Kriegspiel Tuf-abet
C&O/B&O LeMans U-Boat (metal pieces
Chancellorsville (1961 ed.) Management U-Boat (cardboard pieces)
Civil War (1961) Midway Verdict
D-Day Nieuchess Verdict II
Dispatcher 1914 Waterloo (big box ed.)
France 1940 Origins of World War II Waterloo (small box ed.)
Gettysburg (1958) Richthofen’s War Word Power (flat box edition)
Gettysburg (Battlefield ed.) Squander Word Power (bookshelf box ed.)
Gettysburg (1961)   Year of the Lord



Adel Verplichtet Foreign Exchange Platoon
Air Baron Fortress Europa Princess Ryan’s Star Marines
Alexander Frederick the Great Quest for the Ideal Mate
Age of Renaissance Gangsters Rail Baron
Baseball Strategy (flatbox) Geronimo Russian Campaign
Baseball Strategy (1973) Gettysburg (1977) Samurai
Baseball Strategy (1981) Gladiator 1776
  Global Survival Shakespeare
Beat Inflation Strategy Game7 Go Showbiz
Bitter Woods Gold Source of the Nile
Black Magic Ritual Kit Guadalcanal (1992) Squad Leader
Black Spy Guns of August Starship Troopers (1st ed.)
Blind Justice Gunslinger Statis-Pro Baseball
Book of Lists Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Statis-Pro Baseball: Great Teams
By Hook or Crook Hexagony Stock Market Game
Caesar Alesia Hitler’s War Stonewall’s Last Battles
Civilization Intern Storm over Arnhem
Civilization: Advanced Trade Cards Kingmaker Tac Air
Civilization Western Map Kremlin Third Reich
Chancellorsville (1974 edition) Kremlin Revolution Expansion Titan
Chancellorsville (1979 edition) Little Round Top Titan: The Arena
The Collector London’s Burning Tobruk (Origins Ltd. Edition)
Colonial Diplomacy The Longest Day (unpunched) Tobruk (1975)
Crescendo of Doom Magic Realm Turning Point: Stalingrad
Cross of Iron MBT Twixt
Dinosaurs of the Lost World Monsters Ravage America Tyranno Ex
Diplomacy Moonstar Up Front
Down with the King Mystic Wood War & Peace
Dragonhunt Napoleon at Bay War at Sea
Dune: The Duel  Od We, the People
Elric Outdoor Survival Witchcraft Ritual Kit
Empires in Arms Panzer Armee Afrika Wizards
Firepower Panzer Leader Wizard’s Quest
Football Strategy (flatbox ed./bookshelf ed.) Panzerblitz Wooden Ships & Iron Men
  Past Lives  
  Pennant Race  



Acquire (Sid Sackson) Monsters Menace America
Axis & Allies: D-Day Nexus Ops
Betrayal at the House on the Hill (1st edition) Rocketville
Cosmic Encounter Stratego Legends
Diplomacy Star Wars: Queens Gambit
History of the World Vegas Showdown
Acquire (World Map ed., Sackson) Hedron (paper game) Phlounder (blue box)
Acquire (wood tiles, Sackson) Hex (paper game) Plasm (paper game)
Acquire (plastic tiles, Sackson) High Bid (1st ed., tall box) Ploy
Backgammon High Bid (bookshelf) Point of Law
Bazaar (Sackson) High Bid (gamette) Pro Football
Bid & Bluff Image Quinto
Big League Baseball Jati (puzzle edition) Regatta
Breakthru Jumpin (green bookshelf box) Sleuth (Sackson)
Challenge Bridge (flatbox) Jumpin (BLACK bookshelf box) Snare (paper game, 1974)
Challenge Bridge (bookshelf) Kreskin’s Krystal Stocks & Bonds
Challenge Football (white box) Monad (gamette, Sackson) Sum Times
Challenge Football (red box) Mr. President USA (pre-3M ed.) Sum Up
Challenge Golf Mr. President (’65, chalkboard ed.) Thinking Man’s Football
Chess Mr. President (1965, “wheels” ed.) Thinking Man’s Golf
Contigo Mr. President (1967) Thorns (paper game)
Egghead or Chicken Mr. President (1971) Tic Tac Toe (paper game)
Evade Mr. Who Tryce (gamette)
Events Nab (paper game) Twixt (1st ed., big box)
Executive Decision (Sackson) Naval Battle (paper game) Twixt
Facts in Five Neo-Chess Venture (butterdish. Sackson)
Feudal Octrix (gamette) Venture (gamette, Sackson)
Foil (butterdish) Oh-Wah-Ree Win, Place & Show
Foil (gamette) Phlounder (1st ed., thick box)  
Foil (bookshelf box) Phlounder (green box, wood)  
Across the Continent Exploring People Weekly
Advance to Boardwalk Finance Pit (1973 with bell)
All the King’s Men Finance & Fortune Pizza Party
Arkansas Bluff Flinch (1963) Plaza (1947)
As the World Turns Flying the Beam (1941) Pole Position
Astron (1955) Formula-1 Pro Draft
Bantu (1955) Free Parking Probe
Barney Miller Funny Bones Qubic
Baseball Game of Oil (1939) Ranger Commandos (1942)
Bing Crosby’s Call Me Lucky (1954) Game of Politics (1952) Rich Uncle
Bionic Woman Go for It! Rio (1956)
Black Box Golden Girl Risk
Blondie Game Guiness Game of World Records Risk: Lord of the Rings Middle-Earth Conquest Game (2002)
Boake Carter Star Reporter (1937) Have Gun Will Travel  (TV western tie-in) Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition (2003)
Bonanza (TV tie-in) Hendrik Van Loon’s Wide World Game (1933) Robocop
Boom or Bust (1951) Hey Pa! There’s a Goat on the Roof (1966) Rook
Boom or Bust (1959) Hollywood Go (1954) Rook Plus
Bulls & Bears (by Charles “Monopoly”  Darrow (1936) Hot Spot Say When! (TV tie-in)
Can’t Stop Inside Moves Scan (card game, 1988)
Caper (1970) The Inventors Scan (memory match, 1970)
Careers (1950s ed.) Jury Box (Series 2, 3 & 4, 1936) Scoop
Castle Risk Keyword (1953) Shadowlord
Citadel (1940) Kimbo Sherlock Holmes (1904, no box)
Clue (1949) Landslide Situation 7
Clue (1956) Little Red School House Six Million Dollar Man
Clue: Great Museum Caper Lost Treasure Smess
Clue Master Detective Lowell Thomas World Travel Game South American Trade & Travel Game (1942)
Clue VCR Game Mad Magazine (Board Game) Split (big box 1st edition)
Clue II VCR Game Mad Magazine (Card Game) SS Van Dine/Philo Vance Detective Mystery Game
Code Name Sector The Magnificent Race Star Reporter
Conflict Make-A-Million (1945) Star Wars Monopoly (Ltd. Ed.)
Coup d’Etat Masterpiece (1970) Sunken Treasure (1948)
Crossword Lexicon Masterpiece (1996) Survive!
Dai Jobi Mille Bornes Tennis (card game)
Dealer’s Choice Mind Maze Trust Me
Dig Monopoly (many ed.) Tycoon
Domain Monopoly Stock Exchange Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau
Don’t Go to Jail Oil, Game of (1939) Universe
Dune Option Voltron
Dungeon Dice Orion (US edition) Waterworks
Eddie Cantor’s Tell It to the Judge Orion (Parker UK) Wide World
Encore Payday Winnie the Pooh (1933)
Escort (1955) P.E.G.S. (Sid Sackson) World Flag Game (1961)
Pente Yacht Race (1961)
1835 Dallas (Yaquinto) Option Game Board
Airline Decisions (BMI, stocks) Peter Principle
Airport Discretion Pink Pebbles
Anti-Monopoly Double Crossing (Lionel) Pipeline (Playco)
Assembly Line (1953) Easy Money Plutocrat
Atlas’ Hands Energy Quest (Weldon) Pop-Up Store Game
Auctioneer Exploration (1967) Power Barons
Banking Game Farm Management Prize Property
Beat Detroit Fast Food Franchise PuzzleTown (Gamut of Games)
Beat the Competition! Filthy Rich (Garfield design) Rails Across the Rockies
Beat the Market Five Star Final (1937) Seven Seas
Big Bucks Flightplan Solarquest
Big Business Fortune 500 Square Mile (1962)
Big Deal Game of the States Strike It Rich (Gamut of Games)
Billionaire (Happy Hour, 1956) Go for Broke Stock Market (Gabriel, 1955)
The Boss (Ideal, 1972) Going, Going, Gone! Stock Market (Whitman)
The Bottom Line Gusher (Carrom Industries) Stock Market Specialist
Box Office (Canadian) Hot Company Stock Ticker
Broadway (TSR) Hot Property Strike Price
Broker Howard Hughes Game Swap (Ideal)
Buy and Sell It’s Only Money Test Drive
Buy or Sell Kenny Rogers Record Game Ticker Tape
Commodity Warehouse Game Let’s Buy Hollywood Transaction (stock market)
Condomoneyum Limit Up! Trump: The Game
Controlling Interest Managing Your Money Tryology: New York Edition
Controlling Interest Mega-Raider Tycoon (Pearson, 1976)
Corporate Ladder Merger (Universal Games) Tycoon (Ram Ent., 1985)
Creature Features Mergers (JJ Augustine) Ulcers
Crossroads Metropolitans’ Group Insurance Game Wildcatter (oil)
Dallas (Maruca Industries) The Movie Game World Bank (Rural Praxis)
Dallas (Mattel Electronics) Movie Moguls (RGI) World of Wall Street
Dallas (Mego, card game) Northwest Passage (oil)
1960: Making of the President Full Metal Planete (Ludodelire) Pillars of the Earth
The Adventurers: Temple of Chac The Garden Game (UK import) Pirate King (Temple Games)
Agricola (Z-man, Rosenberg) Giro Galoppo (Rio Grande) Pirate’s Treasure (Ravnsbgr)
Africa (Knizia) Golam Arkana (s, Mt) Principato (Z-Man)
Airlines (Alan Moon) Gonzaga (sealed MInt) Pyramidis (Siegers)
Airships (Seyfarth) Hare & Tortoise (Intellect) Quandary (Knizia)
Aquadukt (Uberplay) Havoc (Sunriver Games) Race for the Galaxy (Lehmann)
Arkadia (Dorn) Heads of State Ransom
Around the World in 80 Days Hoity Toity (Uberplay) Really Nasty Horse Racing Game
Asara (Ravensburger) In Limbo (Schacht) Restaurant (Flying Turtle)
Bakong (Bauza) Intermedium (Ariel) Rheinlander (Knizia)
Banana Republic(Doris/Frank) Jericho (Lehmann) Robin Hood (Ravensburger)
Batavia (Rio Grande) Journey to the Center of the Earth Rumis
Beowulf: The Legend (Knizia)  Key Harvest (Breese) Samuari Spirit (Bauza)
Bier Borse (Sid Sackon) Keythedral (Breese, with expansion) San Marco (Ravensburger)
Black Monday (Sid Sackson) Kings & Things (Pegasus) Schnappchen Jagd
Blockers! Kingsburg Schoko & Co (Schmidt Spiel)
Blokus 3-D Kreta Senator (Fantasy Flight)
Byzantium (Wallace) La Citta (Rio Grande) Settlers of Nuremberg
Carcassonne  La Isla (Stefan Feld) Shark (Flying Turtle)
Carcassone: Traders & Builders Las Vegas (Alea) Sherlock Holmes Card Game (Gibsons)
Castle Merchants (Z-man) League of Six Shoulder to Shoulder (Intellect)
Caylus Magna Carta Liberte (Wallace/Warfrog) Skyline 3000 (Moon/Weissblum)
Chang Cheng (Z-Man) Lost Cities (Knizia) Sponsor (Jumbo)
Chartbusters (Spears) Luxor (Ravensburger) Svea Rike
Cities (Z-Man) MacGregor (Ravensburger) Tales of the Arabian Nights
Coco Crazy (Ravensburger) Mafioso (Casper Games) Talisman (4th Edition)
Colt Express Manager (Hexagames) Tally Ho! (Rio Grande)
Crocodile Pool Party (Hoffmann) Manitou (Burkhardt) Terra Turrium (Kramer)
Darjeeling (Burkhardt) Masters of Venice Tikal (Rio Grande)
Days of Steam (Valley Games) Medici (Knizia/Amigo) Tiki Topple
De Vulgari Eloquentia Midgard (Z-Man) Titan (Valley Games edition)
Die Macher (Valley Games) Mine! (Rotherne Games) Toledo (Wallace, Mayfair)
Doge (Leo Colovini) Minos (Ravensburger) Torres (Rio Grande)
Don Quixote Moai (Face 2 Face) Trajan (Stefan Feld)
Doomtown Modern Art (Knizia/Mayfair) Traumfabrik (Knizia)
Dorada (Rudi Hoffmann) Morisi (Cwali) Tribune (Fantasy Flight)
Dungeonville (Z-Man Games) Murphy (Flying Turtle) Tribune Expansion
The Duke Neuland (Z-Man) Tricolor (FX Schmid)
Durche die Wuste (Kosmos) Oltre Mare (1st Edition) Troyes (Z-Man)
El Capitan (Kramer-Rosner) Oltre Mare (2nd Edition) Tycoon (Kramer/Rosner)
Elefantanparade Oregon (Rio Grande) Union Pacific (Amigo)
Election X (Intellect) Orion (Parker Europe) Upthrust (Sid Sackson)
Eminent Domain Pagode (FX Schmid) Vasco da Gama
End of the Triumvirate (Z-man) Patrician (German ed/English rules) Waterloo (Phalanx)
English Civil War (Ariel) Pecking Order (Garfield) Wealth of Nations (Parker UK)
Escape the Room Perikles (Wallace) Wildlife Adventure (Ravensbg)
Euphrat & Tigris (Knizia) Worldbeater (Intellect Games)
Evergreen (Kramer/Kiesling) Wu Hsing (Sid Sackson)
Fine Art Game (Piatnik) Xerxes


The Brass Monkey Framed! Mystery Rummy 3: Jekyll & Hyde
Charlie Chan Detective Mystery Game (1937) Gangland! (card game) Orient Express
Cloak & Dagger Gangsters, Gun Molls & G-Men (card game) Project CIA
Columbo The Godfather Game Save the President
Columbo: Ashes to Ashes Gumshoe (Sleuth Publications) Scotland Yard
Conspiracy Intrigue (Milton Bradley, 1955) Secrecy (Universal, 1965)
Crack the Case Judge for Yourself Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
Crime Solvers Judge ‘N’ Jury Sherlock Holmes: Mansion Murders
Desperado (sealed Mint) Jurisprudence Sherlock Holmes: Murder on the Orient Express
Eccentric (1972) Kill Doctor Lucky: Craigdarroch Sherlock Holmes VCR Game
Electronic Detective Lie Detector Simply Suspects
Elementary Watson London Murder Mystery Spy Alley
Ellery Queen: Case of the Elusive Assassin Master Criminals! Spy Detector
Ellery Queen: Trapped! Mr. Ree (1946) Spy vs. Spy
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Game Mr. Ree (1957) 30 Second Mysteries
Ellery Queen’s Operation Murder (VCR Game) Murder to Go Vanished!
Espionage (MPH) Murdero Whodunit (Cadaco-Ellis, 1959)
Eyewitness Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper Whodunit (Selchow & Righter)
1960: Making of the President Game of Politics (1952) Political Suicide
Africa 1880 (Tilsit) Hi-Politix Risky Strategy
Assassin! (Southhold) Hostage Road to the White House
Ax Your Tax I Want to be President SOB
Bigwig Junta (West End) Summit (Milton Bradley, 1961)
Campaign (1966) The Kennedys (1962) Supremacy
Campaign for White House Kommissar (1966) Suzerain
Campaign Manager 2008 Landslide (see Parker page) The Third Estate
Cities Game Lie, Cheat & Steal Tom Clancy’s Politika
Class Struggle (flatbox) Lobby (1949) United Nations (1961)
Comrades Mr. President (see 3M page) Watergate Scandal
Consensus (1966/1967) The Next President (1971) White House (RGI)
Corruption (JW Small, 1985) Origins of WWII (see AH page) Who Can Beat Nixon?
Game of Nations Political Pursuit
Arkham Horror (Chaosium) Empire of the Petal Throne Solar Conquest (1966)
Battle Masters First Quest (TSR) Space Alert
Battlelore (Days of Wonder) Galaxy Command Space Hop
Beastlord (Yaquinto) Gateway to the Stars Space Pilot (1951)
Borderlands AND Expansion (Locust Games) HeroQuest Spellmaker (Gametime)
Borderlands (Eon Games) HeroQuest: Return of the Witch Lord Star Commander
Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century (TSR) Illuminati (Deluxe Edition) Star Fighter (Gametime Games)
Challenge of the Lion Lord Key to the Kingdom Star Wars Epic Duels
Chrononauts Lord of the Rings (MB, 1979) Strange New Worlds (Gametime)
Chrononauts: Lost Identities Moon Shot Three-Dragon Ante (TSR)
Conquest of the Ring More Cosmic Encounter Time Control (Thompson)
Countdown (Lowe, 1967) Mutant Chronicles (Pressman) Time War (Yaquinto)
Countdown (Transogram) Mystery Mansion Traveller (GDW, black box set)
Cosmos (1978) Myth Fortunes (Mayfair) 2038 (TimJim Games)
Dark Tower OGRE: Deluxe (Steve Jackson) Valley of the Four Winds (GW)
Deep Space Navigator The Omega Virus Warlock (Games Workshop)
Doctor Who: Battle for the Universe Quest (Gametime Games) Willow (Tor)
Dragonlance (TSR) RoboRally (WotC, 1st edition) World of Warcraft Adventure Game
Dragonmaster Rogue Trooper
Emperor’s Challenge Snit Smashing (TSR)


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