[It has been awhile since we reached back and showcased a game classic that has, sadly, gone out of print. But with Karl-Heinz Schmiel’s classic game about German politics, Die Macher, poised for yet a fourth edition, it seems timely to take a look at another one of his best designs, one that I enjoyed from the moment I first played it. [Admittedly, it helps when the designer himself teaches you the game!] Here, in the review originally found in the Summer 2008 issue of Gamers Alliance Report, Al Newman, a successful and respected game designer in his own right, pays tribute to Tribune.]

Reviewed by Al Newman

GAME CLASSICS: TRIBUNE: PRIMUS INTER PARES (Fantasy Flight Games, 2 to 5 players, ages 12 and up, 1-2 hours; out of print)


Karl-Heinz Schmiel is best known for Die Macher, a game about politics in different regions of Germany.  The game is one of the top rated games of all time and has been popular for over a generation since publication in 1986, despite it’s complexity and daunting length (approximately 4 hours).  Herr Schmiel has quite a few other published designs but nothing to date as significant as Die Macher.  However, this writer believes Herr Schmiel’s new design of Tribune: Primus Inter Pares is destined to grow in popularity and will eventually be accorded the same respect as his earlier masterpiece.

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