61 + 5 = 17

You might want to call this a bit of new math that doesn’t add up. But it’s no mistake. It makes perfect sense. 61+5 DOES equal 17.

With this issue of GA REPORT, we are entering a new year of gaming and our second year as a totally online publication. 61 issues published on paper and this is our 5th electronic offering. Add them up and you’ll find Gamers Alliance in its 17th year of continuous publication. As amazing as this is to say, Gamers Alliance Report is the longest running, continuously published, English language gaming publication in the world! A pretty incredible statement but true nonetheless. And, what makes it better, is that WE are getting better along the way!

We’ve gone through lots of changes in these 17 years. We began our journey as a 12 page issue pounded out on a beat up typewriter with virtually no graphics before becoming a computerized, laser-printed publication with more graphics. Now, we’ve moved into cyberspace as a totally online publication with full color graphics! But we haven’t stopped there!

Our web site has an information center that is constantly updated to keep our members informed, not quarterly, but as news breaks! We issued a Toy Fair Report last February that gave our members a “heads up” on the Lord of the Rings Risk game before anyone else. Recently, another board game forum mentioned that a new Mystery Rummy game would be released. Our members knew that MONTHS ago!

We’ve marked the passing of the great game designer, Sid Sackson, with a special tribute issue containing remembrances of Sid from his contemporaries and admirers, an exhaustive listing of his designs (thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Nick Sauer), reviews of some classic Sackson games and Sid’s own words, taken from his exclusive Sid Sackson Says GA REPORT column. The tribute will stay as a permanent addition to the site.

We’ve featured literally hundreds of games from hundreds of different game companies over the last 17 years. And when I say we, I mean WE. This has been a collaborative effort by people who share a love for the art form of games. Some of the best and the brightest have contributed to the success and longevity of Gamers Alliance and GA REPORT including (in alphabetical order): Ward Ahders, Craig S. Berg Jr., Frank Branham, Joan Fiorillo, Marty Goldberger, Steve Kurzban, Craig Massey, Al Newman, Old Furface, Dave Rapp, Sid Sackson, Nick Sauer and Greg Schloesser.

So here’s to 61 + 5 = 17, a sublime equation of games, fun and good company. Glad to have you aboard.

In this issue of GA REPORT, we journey to the past to battle in the hills of Scotland, to the future for combat in outer space but still enjoy modern times! Nick Sauer discovers too many cooks while Greg Schloesser gets steamed up and gets a bang out of it! And, of course, much more!

Until next time, Good Gaming!

Herb Levy, President


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Winter 2003 GA Report Articles


Reviewed by Greg J. Schloesser AGE OF STEAM (Warfrog; 3 – 6 players, 2 – 3 hours; $44.95) I first had the opportunity to play Age of Steam late one night at the infamous Jung Hotel during my journey to the legendary Spiel show in Essen, Germany. The room was bursting at the seams with folks playing games, but six of us managed to squeeze ...
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Reviewed by Greg J. Schloesser BANG! (daVinci Games; 3-7 players, 30-45 minutes; $11.95) I had heard this new da Vinci release being compared to Werewolf, a party-style game that has been all the rage in some circles, but leaves me completely flat. I simply fail to see the enjoyment of the game as it seems to be, as my buddy Ted Cheatham asserts, an exercise ...
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61 + 5 = 17 You might want to call this a bit of new math that doesn't add up. But it's no mistake. It makes perfect sense. 61+5 DOES equal 17. With this issue of GA REPORT, we are entering a new year of gaming and our second year as a totally online publication. 61 issues published on paper and this is our 5th ...
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Reviewed by Herb Levy HAMMER OF THE SCOTS (Columbia Games, 2 players, 2-3 hours; $49.98) Fans of Mel Gibson's Braveheart find a new venue for their energy as the War for Scottish Independence is brought to life in Hammer of the Scots, the new release from Columbia Games. Hammer of the Scots is a Jerry Taylor/Tom Dalgliesh design (development by Grant Dalgliesh and Cal Stengel) ...
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Reviewed by Herb Levy KRONE & SCHWERT (CROWN & SWORD) Queen, 2-5 players, 60-90 minutes; $39.95) Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, best known for his Game of the Year design, Carcassonne (Summer 2001 GA REPORT) revisits Medieval Europe in his new creation, Krone & Schwert (Crown & Sword). However, rather than spending time in the tranquil, pastoral world of Carcassonne, in Krone & Schwert, players are nobles intent ...
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Reviewed by Herb Levy MODERNE ZEITEN (MODERN TIMES) Jumbo International, 3 to 5 players, 45-60 minutes; $39.95) The rollercoaster ride of stock values in the Roaring 20s sets the stage Moderne Zeiten (Modern Times), the latest game for would-be tycoons from Jumbo. Moderne Zeiten is a Dan Glimne and Gregorz Rejchtman design and comes in a deep box which holds the mounted board, five sets ...
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Reviewed by Herb Levy STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE (Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., 2-6 players, less than 60 minutes; $22.95) Star Trek is a phenomenon that has few rivals. Inauspiciously born from a faltering TV series that limped along for three seasons, the Star Trek universe has expanded with all the force of the Big Bang itself to become a formidable film franchise, a series of ...
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Reviewed by Herb Levy TONY & TINO and DRAKE & DRAKE (Eurogames/Descartes USA, Inc.; both for 2 players, both about 30 minutes; $14.95 each) Tony & Tino and Drake & Drake are parts of the games trilogy designed by Bruno Cathala in the Eurogames' Blue Box series. (The other entry, War & Sheep, was featured last issue). Although different, the games share some of the ...
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Reviewed by Nick Sauer TOO MANY COOKS (R&R Games, 2-5 players, 30-60 minutes; $12.95) Card games are one type of game I always like to check out. One of my game groups meets during lunch and we mostly play card games because they are portable and usually short enough to allow us to play multiple games over the same lunch hour. Unfortunately, good card games ...
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Reviewed by Greg J. Schloesser ZOOSIM (Cwali, 3-4 players, 45 minutes; about $35) Corné van Moorsel publishes games under his own Cwali label, and in the past has scored with such titles as Isi, Morisi (Spring 2001 GA REPORT) and Titicaca. This year, his new offering is ZooSim, marrying themes from the popular Sim series of computer games and the family friendly environment of a ...
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