There is something almost magical about a simple thing like a box. For birthdays, people can get really excited when a box is wrapped in special paper, topped off with a bright red bow. Or maybe, your significant other gets excited when a very small box is presented to her, thrilled with anticipation to open it and, hopefully, discover a beautiful diamond engagement ring nestled within. But for game players like us, the box can take on an entirely different meaning.giftbox

When presented with a game box, sometimes decorated with colorful art, sometimes stark and bare, all sorts of feelings can rush through our systems: excitement, impatience (to crack the shrinkwrap and dive in), even a sense of adventure to discover what new experiences await. And that is the approach we take here at Gamers Alliance.

Very often, people like to think of themselves as resourceful and creative – and sometimes, that is even true. One common, well used, expression that sort of sums it up when describing such a person is that they are always “thinking outside of the box”. But let’s turn that around. When it comes to the pages of Gamers Alliance Report, we’re more interested in the thinking INSIDE the box.

What makes a game special? What makes a game different than the thousands (millions?) of others that have preceded it? What makes a particular game worth your time, energy and, equally as important, money! If we can focus your attention on a game deserving of a coveted spot on your gaming shelf, worthy of a place on your gaming table, then we are doing our job. And that’s what we try to do each and every issue over the last three decades and this issue is no exception.

In this issue, we adventure through a fantasy land, roll across America, deliver potions  and build an abbey for the king! Joe Huber has an itch to scratch, Greg J. Schloesser creates some tumult and Eric Brosius says “what???”. In the meantime, Pevans makes sure everything is “ship shape”, Andrea “Liga” Ligabue feels his “dojo mojo” and Chris Kovac goes to war! We are also pleased to welcome first time contributor Chantal Noordeloos who is able to spend some T.I.M.E with us! And of course, much more!

Until next time,

Good Gaming!

Herb Levy, President

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