You are an enemy of the Daleks! Pevans avoids extermination to review

DR. WHO: TIME OF THE DALEKS (Gale Force 9, 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, 120+ minutes; $50)


If you look on YouTube you’ll find every version of the Doctor Who theme music. I play the original one to start off my games of Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks. I think this is amusing, but I may just be very sad. The game as designed by Andrew Haught, pits several incarnations of our time-travelling hero against his greatest enemy: the Daleks. A central spiral track has the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, at its centre. The Dalek spaceship piece starts at the other end of the track and moves forward one space each round. If it reaches Gallifrey, all the players lose. (The Daleks have destroyed the Time Lords at the beginning of Time and will rule the galaxy for ever. Or something.)

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