Reviewed by Greg J. Schloesser

COIMBRA (eggerstpiele, 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, 60 to 90+ minutes;  $69.99)


I must admit that with my decades of involvement in the hobby, I find my tolerance for “heavy” games decreasing.  Perhaps it is that I find it increasingly difficult to sit through a 45 minute (or longer) explanation of rules.  I also find it increasingly daunting to make my way through a 20+ page rulebook, with these massive tomes taking me back to my days of wargaming wherein such verbosity and detail was all-too-common.  As I approach my 6th decade on Earth, I find myself looking for less complexity and complication, not only in the games I play, but also in life itself.  Yeah … I’m getting old.

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