Reviewed by Eric Brosius

BLUE SKIES (Rio Grande Games, 2 to 5 players, ages 14 and up, 30-60 minutes; $39.95)


Commercial aviation is an intriguing subject – and it’s a popular one for boardgames.  For some reason, aviation games don’t tend to focus as squarely on airline operation as train games do on railroad operation; there is often a “twist”, and (frequent Gamers Alliance Report contributor) Joe Huber’s Blue Skies fits this pattern.  Players open gates at airports across the United States and seek to attract passengers to those gates.  The twist in Blue Skies is that you don’t buy or fly planes; a passenger that arrives at an airport stays there for the whole game (though they may wander from gate to gate.)  We joke that you keep them waiting so they will keep buying your overpriced airport food!

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