A Sid Sackson Quiz: Answer for Question 8

Answer for Question 8


acquire28. Acquire – After so many years of seeing the game with this name, it is hard to believe that Sid actually called this “Vacation” when he first submitted it to 3M. It was 3M who suggested the new title to Sid and he agreed. (In all my conversations with Sid, he never referred to Acquire as anything but Acquire.)

Technically, this was the THIRD name for this game as Sid, as a child, played with improving his childhood games and reworked Lotto into a wargame calling it Lotto War. That early design would, eventually, become Acquire.

Acquire is the game that, for so many people, defined games for adults with its sophisticated and challenging play, launching the genre of play that has become known as the “Euro” strategy game. (Ironic in that this was a published American design by an American inventor.) Even today, after all these years, this game still ranks in the top tier of brilliant game design and has legions of game players devoted to it. The “World Map” version (see our Sid Sackson gallery) was actually the test market version of the game that 3M released in select cities (Shreveport, New Orleans, St. Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Madison, Milwaukee and Denver) to gauge the reaction to it before releasing the now standard sized bookshelf box edition which, in its several editions, became the style of packaging most associated with the game and the entire 3M line.

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