A Sid Sackson Quiz: Answer for Question 7

Answer for Question 7


holiday27. Holiday – One of the few games that work well with EIGHT PLAYERS and doesn’t take days to play! Players bid for control of a chartered jet that takes them around the world, from city to city. Arrive at a city on the “right” day and you score big Victory Points. Arrive on a less favorable day and score less. The twist here is that money is also worth Victory Points so you’re spending Victory Points to earn Victory Points – and once your money is gone, it’s gone! You don’t get any more! Knowing when to use your limited funds wisely is key. The game has seen, to date, THREE editions with the original (and best) edition published by RGI. Later editions (called Maloney’s Inheritance and Shang Hai) followed. The full title for the prototype was “Go See: A Global Holiday” but that would have made it too easy!



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