compiled by Nick Sauer & Herb Levy


The games listed here are the first publication date and publisher for the title. Games like Acquire and Can’t Stop which have been in continuous publication in America and Germany, respectively, since their initial release could have entire articles devoted to the various versions that have been published.

Acquire 1962 3M

Bazaar 1967 3M

Bazaar 1980 Schmidt (Also known as Bazaar II. This was later released as Samarkand by Abacus/Rio Grande games in 1998.)

Black Monday 1988 Salagames (This is a professionally published version of Card Stock Market from Sid’s book Card Games Around the World.)

Blockade 1979 Butehorn (This was originally published as Sly by Amway in 1975.)

Buried Treasure 1999 F.X. Schmid (This was originally published as High Spirits with Calvin and the Colonel by Milton Bradley in 1962.)

Business 1998 Relaxx

BuyWord 2004 Face 2 Face Games

Camp 1994 Abacus

Can’t Stop 1980 Parker Brothers

Can’t Stop the Turtles 2002 Winning Moves (A re-themed version of Can’t Stop using turtles!)

Chain Reaction 1990 Hexagames

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1978 Knopf (A game in book format)

Die Chinesische Mauer 1994 Piatnik

Choice 1989 Hexagames (This is a professionally published version of Solitaire Dice from Sid’s book A Gamut of Games. It was also published under the title Einstein.)

Connexion 1978 Interlude (This is a professionally published version of The Domino Bead Game from Sid’s book A Gamut of Games.)

Corner 1980 Ravensburger (This was originally published as Intersection by Aladdin in 1974.)

Da Capo! 1996 Piatnik (This was originally published as Le Vizir by Interlude in 1978. This was later released as Fish and Chips by Piatnik in 1997.)

Domination 1982 Milton Bradley (This was originally published as Focus by Eigenverlag in 1963.)

Doorways to Adventure 1986 Pressman

Doorways to Horror 1986 Pressman

Ellery Queen: The Case of the Elusive Assassin 1967 Ideal (This was later released as Sleuth by 3M in 1971.)

Executive Decision 1971 3M

Extra! 2011 Schmidt Spiele (This is a reissue of Choice [aka Einstein] with a few rules modifications.)

Fitting and Proper 1973 Springbok (Actually a puzzle)

Fish and Chips 1997 Piatnik (This was originally published as Le Vizir by Interlude in 1978 and Da Capo! by Piatnik in 1996.)

Flotte Krabbe 1991 Abacus (This was originally published as Sniggle in the game Sly by Amway in 1975.)

Focus 1963 Eigenverlag and 1965 Western Publishing (This was later released as Domination by Milton Bradley in 1982.)

Giant 30 Game Cube 1976 Athol Research Corporation (Includes the games: Chase and Nine Holes.)

Gold Connection 1991 Schmidt

Harry Lorayne Memory Game 1976 Reiss

High Spirits with Calvin and the Colonel 1962 Milton Bradley (This was later released as Das Superblatt by F.X. Schmid in 1992 and as Buried Treasure by F.X. Schmid in 1999.)

Holiday 1973 Research Games Inc. (This was later released in a modified form as Maloney’s Inheritance by Ravensburger in 1988 and in an even more heavily modified form as Shang Hai by Ravensburger in 1997.)

I’m the Boss! 2003 Face to Face Games – Reissue of Kohle, Kiese and Kniete

I’m the Boss!: The Card Game 2012 Gryphon Games – Based on original card game which Sid developed into the boardgame Kohle, Kiese and Knete which Sid called Piece of the Action

Infinity 1974 Gamut of Games (Sid was listed for “Consultation” on the second edition of this Phil Orbanes design).

Interplay 1970 Hoyle

Intersection 1974 Aladdin (This was later released as Corner by Ravensburger in 1980.)

Kohle, Kies and Knete 1994 Schmidt (This was later released in an English language edition as I’m the Boss! by Face to Face Games in 2003.)

Le Vizir 1978 Interlude – Abstract game played on a 4 x 6 board. Later published as Da Capo and Fish and Chips, both using 6 x 6 boards.

The Major Battles and Campaigns of General George S. Patton 1973 Research Games Inc.

The Major Campaigns of General Douglas MacArthur 1973 Research Games Inc.

Maloney’s Inheritance 1988 Ravensburger (This was originally published as Holiday by Research Games Inc. in 1973.)

Massai 1993 Abacus (This was originally published as Mind Thrust by Hayden Publications in 1981.)

Metropolis 1984 Ravensburger

Mind Thrust 1981 Hayden Publications (This was later released as Massai by Abacus in 1993.)

Monad 1969 3M

New York 1995 Piatnik (This is heavily based on Property from Sid’s book A Gamut of Games.)

Nine of Swords 1971 Gametime/Reiss (Actually, a puzzle)

Nummerous Zahlus 1995 ASS (This was later published as String of Pearls in Games magazine’s February 1996 issue.)

Odd or Even 1970 Hoyle

P.E.G.S. 1978 Parker Brothers (Includes the games: Battle of the Blobs, Border Patrol, Football, Rapid Transit, Soccer, Space Attack, and Tank Blitz.)

Piece of the Action 2012 Gryphon Games – Original card game designed by Sid that Sid developed into Kohle, Knies and Knete. Along with I’m the Boss!: The Card Game, Gryphon Games released the original rules with components needed to play the game the way Sid designed it.

Pushover 1974 Aladdin

Quinto 1994 ASS (This is not the same game as the earlier 3M title.)

Realm 1973 Gamut of Games (This was a collaborative effort with Phil Orbanes.)

The Right Connections 1973 Springbok (Actually a puzzle)

Rummy-Q 1977 Crisloid (This was a boxed set variation to the rules of Rummy Royal that later appeared in the German edition of A Gamut of Games)

Samarkand 1998 Abacus/Rio Grande Games (This was originally published as Bazaar [and generally referred to as Bazaar II] by Schmidt in 1980.)

Saxum 1995 Das Spiel (This was a re-issue of Tam-Bit with some slight rules changes.)

Shang Hai 1997 Ravensburger (This was originally published as Holiday by Research Games Inc. in 1973.)

The Six Pack of Pencil and Paper Games 1974 Gamut of Games (Includes the games Financier, The Great Races, Oil Strike, Spy and Words Times Three which were collaborative efforts with Phil Orbanes.)

Slam! 1951 Sidney Sackson (Privately printed booklet for a two-handed bidding game inspired by Bridge.)

Sleuth 1971 3M (This was originally published as The Case of the Elusive Assassin by Ideal in 1967.)

Sly 1975 Amway (This was later released as Blockade by Butehorn in 1979. Includes the games Blockade, Empire, Gateway, Line Up, Sniggle, and Solitaire Sly. Sniggle was later released as Flotte Krabbe by Abacus in 1991.)

Spies! 1981 SPI (This game was designed by Lenny Glynn and John Prados. However, SPI needed a balanced endgame for it. Sid provided SPI with the needed rules although he received no design credit.)

Das Superblatt 1992 F.X. Schmid (This was originally published as High Spirits with Calvin and the Colonel by Milton Bradley in 1962.)

Take Five 1969 Renwal/Gamescience

Tam Bit 1969 Renwal/Gamescience

Tele-fun Game 1983 Market Force (This game was designed as a training tool for AT&T Information System sales representatives.)

Tempo 1970 Hoyle

Temptation Poker 1982 Western Publishing

Totally 1974 Aladdin

Transformation 1971 Hoyle

Triad 1957 Sidney Sackson (Privately printed set of rules for an original card game using a standard set of playing cards)

Upthrust 1995 Great American Trading Co. (This was originally published as Score-Up in Games magazine in the April/May 1987 issue.)

Venture 1969 3M

The Winning Ticket 1977 Ideal

Wu Hsing 1993 Franjos (This is a professionally published version of The Domino Bead Game from Sid’s book A Gamut of Games.)




As with the board game list, this includes only the first printing of each of Sid’s books. It should also be noted that many of these games have been reprinted in magazines such as Games as well as other books on gaming.

A Gamut of Games 1969 Castle Books

Includes the games: All My Diamonds, Bowling Solitaire, Card Baseball, Change Change, Color Gin, Cutting Corners, Domino Bead Game, Focus, Haggle, Hold That Line, Last Word, Network, Osmosis, Paper Boxing, Patterns, Patterns II, Poke, Property, Slam, Solitaire Dice, Suit Yourself, and Take it Away.

A Gamut of Games – German edition

Includes the games above EXCEPT Card Baseball has been replaced by another Sackson design: Rummy Royal.

Beyond Competition 1977 Pantheon

Includes the games: Peace Conference, Rescue, Resources, Round N’ Round, Search, and Space Explorer.

Beyond Solitaire 1976 Pantheon

Includes the games: Buried Treasure, Four Colors, Mountains and Valleys, No Way, Pinball, and Profit and Loss.

Beyond Tic Tac Toe 1975 Pantheon

Includes the games: Arp, Delauney, Klee, Miro, Mondrian, Springer, and Vasarely.

Beyond Words 1977 Pantheon

Includes the games: Carroll, Dickens, Joyce, O’ Henry, Poe, and Tolstoy.

The Book of Classic Board Games 1991, Klutz

Compilation of “classic” board games but no Sackson originals

Calculate! 1979 Pantheon

Includes the games: Away Across, High Finance, Invasion, Run for President, Target Number, and Travels.

The Family Creative Workshop Volume 19 1976 Plenary

Includes the games: Anagram variations and Quick Trip.

Playing Cards Around the World 1981 Prentice Hall

Includes the Games: Card Football and Card Stock Market.




As with the previous sections, these are the first appearance of these games. Some have been reprinted in different magazines and books.

ALF Games 1988 Burger King (These were included with kid’s meals and were titled: ALF’s Melmac Beach Party, ALF’s Melmac Rock, Cookin’ with ALF and Take me ALF to the Ball Game.)

Breakaway 1983 Games July

Closing In 1979 Games Nov/Dec

Color Clash 1989 Games Junior Feb/March

Combination 1970 Strategy and Tactics #22

Connections 1979 Games March/April (Originally appeared as Game 9 in P.E.G.S.)

Continuo variant 1984 Games August

Counter Attacks 1997 Games April

Cross Currents 1989 Games August/Sept

Digit Draughts 1981 The Gamer #1

Fields of Action 1982 Spielbox

The Great Races 1978 Games Jan/Feb (credited to Sid but a collaborative effort with Phil Orbanes)

Gotcha! 1997 Games August

Krawall der Gartenzwerge 1982 Zeitungsbeilage October

Last Ditch 1980 Games May/June

Loop-the-Loops 1982 Games November

Max-I-Nim 1992 Games August

Mini Golf 1987 Games June/July

Number Strategy Solitaire (this is Combination, renamed and reprinted in the Big Book of Games, 1984)

Odd and Even 1982 Games October

Oil Strike! 1978 Games May/June (credited to Sid but a collaborative effort with Phil Orbanes)

Open Whist 1985 Games March

Pennywise 1995 Games October

Poke 1946 Esquire Magazine February

Quick Trip 1976 The Family Creative Workshop (Part of a 24 volume set found in vol 19)

Score Five 1983 Games January

Score Up 1987 Games April/May

Sidominoes 1987 Jeux and Strategie (The same game, just renamed, as The Domino Bead Game)

Sleuth 1979 Games Jan/Feb (actually, a Sleuth problem to solve)

Small Change 1981 Games May/June (Actually, a puzzle)

Spy 1978 Games July/August (credited to Sid but a collaborative effort with Phil Orbanes)

Spy Network 1979 Games March/April (Originally appeared as game 8 in P.E.G.S.)

String of Pearls 1996 Games February (Originally published as Nummerous Zahlus)

A Stock Market Game 1977 Games Nov/Dec (originally released as Financier in the Six Pack of Pencil and Paper Games)

Think Twice 1986 Games May

Triad 1986 Games March

Tromino Go 1969 Strategy and Tactics Sept/Oct; Also appearing: 1994 Games June

Wiretap 1996 Games October

Wtht Vwls 1982 Games March/April

XandO 1979 Games March/April

Please contact us with any omissions, additions, modifications or clarifications.

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