EDITORIAL – FALL 2015 – VOL. 2 No. 56

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For gamers around the world, playing games is a learning experience. First, you need to learn the rules to play the game correctly. Sometimes, this means poring over the rulebook. Sometimes, it means absorbing the rules from someone who has played the game before. Once the game is in action, you learn something about your opponents in how they handle the challenges inherent in the game while all of you try to learn the best way to maximize your actions to win. As with all learning experiences, there comes a time when you have to determine just how much you have learned. So, today, we are going to present a Quick Quiz.

Question: What is the longest running, English language, game review publication in the world?

Answer: WE ARE! Gamers Alliance and Gamers Alliance Report is now launching its 30th consecutive year! (If you are surprised, you are not alone. No one is more surprised than me! For any publication to last 30 years is remarkable; for a GAME related publication to last 30 years is simply amazing!)GamersAllianceLogo-250x100

We started Gamers Alliance and GA Report back in 1986. Through the years, many game publications have risen and fell including:

All-Star Replay, Adventure Gaming, Ares Magazine, Battle Flag, Battlefield, The Boardgamer, Breakout!, Campaign, The Canadian Wargamers Journal, Challenge, Competitive Edge, Conflict, Counterattack, D8, Different Worlds, The Duelist, Expert Gamer, Fantasy Gamer, Game Fix, Game News, The Game Report, The Gamer, Gamer’s Guide, GAMES Magazine, Games & Puzzles (first series), Games & Puzzles (second series), Games, Games, Games, Games International, Games Unplugged, The General, The Grenadier, Gryphon, Heroes, Journal of 20th Century Wargaming, Knucklebones, Little Wars, Nexus, Panzerfaust, Panzerfaust & Campaign, Paper Mayhem, Pyramid, The Rail Gamer, Shadis, Sumo, VIP of Gaming, The Wargamer (first series), The Wargamer (second series), Zone of Control and more!

We are still standing and going strong! But we wouldn’t be celebrating anything without the enthusiasm and support of so many people so I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank:

  • Game Designers – Without their talents, there would have been a lot of empty pages over the last 30 years.
  • Game Publishers – These brave souls have put their time, effort and energy (and, very often, a lot of money) into backing what they felt were the finest examples of games on the market today. (In our pages, we have let you know if they were right!)
  • Our Contributors – We have been fortunate in attracting the finest writers on games in the world. These experts KNOW games and can back up what they say through their knowledge and experience, offering the world’s best combination of style AND substance.
  • Our Members – A publication and organization would never last for three decades if it wasn’t for the support shown by our international membership, fellow gamers who share our passion for games and gaming!

So, with this issue, we officially launch our 30th year. As we have in the past, we pledge to continue to showcase the best the World of Games has to offer! Thank you all for coming along for the ride!

In this issue of GA Report, we discover it’s good to be king and good wine can mean good times. Larry Levy names names, Chris Kovac explores the forbidden while Pevans explores unexplored Africa. Peter Sbirakos looks for gold and finds orange while James Davis gets graphic. Andrea “Liga” Ligabue follows the force and we flashback with Frank Branham. Plus, to commemorate our 30 year history, we present the results of our international poll to discover the top games and top game designers of the last 30 years! And, of course, much more.

Until next time, Good Gaming!

Herb Levy, President

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