30th Anniversary Wall of Well Wishes

The Fall 2015 issue of Gamers Alliance Report marks the start of the 30th year for Gamers Alliance!


Few publications or organizations in the world last as long as this and even fewer in the World of Games. But Gamers Alliance would not be Gamers Alliance without the support and contributions by so many over these three decades – and we appreciate it! Even nicer, that appreciation is returned by some of the best in the business! Right from our first issue, we asked our readers to “keep those cards and letters coming” and, in celebration of our 30th year, we’d like to share some of the well wishes we have received and posted on this “wall” with you!

keythedralboxa“Many congratulations on reaching your thirtieth anniversary and for all your gaming insights over the years. There are few publications that existed from the time I started publishing in 1989 and sharing the journey with people and publications like you and yours has made the it so much more worthwhile and enjoyable. Let’s aim to see if we can make it fifty together! Best wishes”


– Richard Breese, designer of Keythedral, Keyflower, Reef Encounter and many more

“Always great to see the Gamers Alliance reviews since you know it is coming from the best and brightest in the hobby. Plus, their longevity ensures that they are always in perspective versus overwhelmed by the latest trends.”


– Ben Baldanza, Gamers Alliance Report contributor

quartermaster1a“Happy Anniversary, Gamers Alliance! So much great game information, still going strong after 30 years! Best wishes for the next 30 years!”


– Ian Brody, President, Griggling Games (designer and publisher of Quartermaster General)



alealogo“Congratulations on 30 successful years in the gaming industry, and all the best for the next 30 years.”


– Stefan Brueck, Product Manager, Alea Games, Ravensburger

zertzbox“In my opinion, the lack of ‘good’ information about games is a big problem. Each publication, no matter the form, that tries to do something about it, is worth its weight in gold. So, if you try to do something about it for 30 years, I say: ‘Bravo!'”


– Kris Burm, designer of Zertz, GIPF and many other classic abstract games

mayfairlogo“Herb, it’s always a pleasure to see you and I believe that Gamers Alliance performs a service to the game industry and the GA readership. Given all the negativity in our little corner of the galaxy, it’s great to work with an organization with a positive view of life. Thank you all for your service and your honest support of Mayfair lo these many years.”


– Robert Carty, Vice-President, Mayfair Games

“It is good to think GA is still going after all this time when so many on which we used to rely – the Games Cabinet, Brett & Board – have long disappeared. In fact it is hard to imagine now how we managed back in those early years of the hobby when there was so little information available to us as to what is going on in the gaming world. And nobody had heard of German games! All good wishes.”


– Derek Carver, designer of Blood Royale, Showbiz and many more

fivetribesbox“Thanks a lot to GA for sharing their game passion to a wide range of people. I wish you the best for the next 30 years!”


– Bruno Cathala, designer of Five Tribes and many more

“Gamers Alliance has been a mainstay over the years. Always great content.”


– Ted Cheatham, Gamers Alliance contributor and designer of Silk Road, Captain Clueless and more

“I met Herb just a few years ago, which is surprising since we only live a few hours apart and we’ve both been in the hobby for decades. Here he had been producing a high-quality game review magazine, and somehow I didn’t know about it. I started writing for him immediately and I have enjoyed reading the journal since. Herb writes great reviews and is a top-notch editor and game analyst, and to have a magazine going for 30 years is truly extraordinary, especially in this hobby. I hope he keeps it up for another 30!”


– Derek Croxton, author and GA Report contributor

“There have been games worth playing for 30 years? Thanks to everyone involved in the GA Report for helping us find the diamonds.”


– Lincoln Damerst, co-host of Boardgamegeek’s Game Night!

risklegacybox“Congratulations on reaching 30 years! Well done and well deserved praise. In honor of your milestone, I will spend this fall dressed as if it were 1985. Because high school was so fun the first time.”


– Rob Daviau, game designer of Betrayal at the House on the Hill,
Heroscape, Risk Legacy and many more

briefhistory“30 years! My goodness where has the time gone? Certainly Ragnar Brothers would wish to send our best regards and thanks for all your efforts with your team of unsung heroes who have managed to provide top quality reviews of our games and also so many others – these have helped us decide whether to buy or not – vital knowledge with so many games being published! May you go on for another 30 years!”


– Gary Dicken, one of the Ragnar Brothers, designers of A Brief History of the World, Fire & Axe and many more

forsale1a“Many greetings and congratulations to your anniversary celebration from Germany.”


– Stefan Dorra, award winning designer of For Sale, Kreta and many more

“Congrats for making it 30 years! Thanks for your dedication to the hobby!”


– Phillip duBarry, designer of Revolution!, Courtier and many more

academylogo“Happy 30th Anniversary to one of the pioneering game industry publications! When Academy Games was founded 8 years ago, we knew very little about the gaming market, and relied heavily on the articles in the Gamers Alliance Report. It not only gives wonderful game reviews, but also offers great insight into the board gaming industry niche that we all love. In addition, Herb and many of the reviewers always make themselves available, answering questions and giving valuable advice, which is helping us become a better company. Thanks so much for this wonderful board gaming resource! We look forward to many more years of enjoyable and informative reviews.”


– Uwe Eickert, Academy Games

bbhighx“I discovered Gamers Alliance Report well before becoming a game designer. It was the mid 70s and I was just discovering how many interesting games were available besides the classic games I was raised on. I went to Compleat Strategist in NYC (which opened in 1975) and I loved browsing the game shelves to discover new games. [Years later,] I found out about Gamers Alliance Report there and was amazed there was a publication devoted to just what I was getting into. Congratulations to Herb and everyone involved for the last 30 years. They have seen this hobby grow into what it is today and they have been there for the whole ride.”


– Mike Fitzgerald, designer of the Mystery Rummy series of games, Baseball Highlights: 2045 and many more

ascension1“Congratulations to Gamers Alliance for 30 years of amazing reporting and support of the game industry. Gaming is a passion for al of us, and Herb has represented that passion and grown it over an incredible 30 years. It is great to look back and appreciate what you have accomplished but I am even more excited about the path ahead! Gamers Alliance is an institution in gaming and has been a key part of making this industry grow.”


– Justin Gary, designer of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

schmidtlogo“I feel honored, that Gamers Alliance showcased many of my games! And as a product manager for Schmidt Spiele, I was happy that several of the games that I edited were featured by Games Alliance as well! I wish you all the best for the next 30 years! Keep on playing.”


– Thorsten Gimmler, game designer and Product Manager of Schmidt Spiele GMBH

“Congratulations on 30 years. Wishing you another 30!”

– Marty Goldberger, frequent Gamers Alliance contributor and SPI wargame designer (Inkerman)
and developer (Campaign for North Africa)

“Gamers Alliance Report, congratulations on reaching a 30 year anniversary. What a magnificent achievement. Lots of interesting articles. Well done. I wish you all the best.”


– Ronald Hoekstra, Jury Member of the International Gamers Awards, designer of UGO!, webmaster of Spelmagazine.com

“Thank you for the great work and for the great support to the game industry! May the Horribleness be with you!”


– Horrible Games

“Herb, congratulations on 30 years of Gamers Alliance. and the amazing collection of work you’ve put together. Can’t wait to see what the next 30 years bring!”


– Joe Huber, frequent Gamers Alliance Report contributor, co-designer of Starship Merchants and designer of Ice Cream and many others

“Here in the UK, interest in board games has been growing significantly, with a board games club, an annual games weekend attended by almost a thousand & an annual Mind Games week. I just wish we had more of GA circulating here – with its informed view of new and old games.”


– Jack Jaffe, designer of Velodrome, Save the President! and more

“The place to get informed on the best board games since 1986.”


– K-ban, co-founder of the Long Island Gamers, one of the longest running gaming groups in the United States and frequent Gamers Alliance contributor

euphratandtigrisbx“Gamers Alliance, 30 years, always on the watch! Congratulations! Herb Levy, Master of Games! Well Done!”


– Reiner Knizia, award winning game designer of Euphrat & Tigris, Quandary, Amun-Re, Medici, Blue Moon City, FITS and many more

“After 30 years, you are only getting started and I look forward to many more years of gaming glory from Gamers Alliance.”


– Chris Kovac, Gamers Alliance contributor.

elgrandebox“Hearty Congratulations to Gamers Alliance Report. ‘The Fall 2015 issue of GA Report marks the start of our 30th consecutive year of publication!’ That’s great! This is an outstanding achievement! This shows that GA Report is excellent! GA Report is a speaking tube for games. The world of games says ‘Thank you!’ I say ‘Thank you’ for reporting so many of my games in an excellent manner. I wish you all the best for the future. My heart beats for GA Report.”


– Wolfgang Kramer, award winning designer (or co-designer) of El Grande, Tikal, Tycoon, Big Boss, Asara and many more

raceforgalaxy1a“Congratulations, Herb, on Gamers Alliance reaching 30 years of incisive and informative reviews. Looking forward to many more years. Best,”


– Tom Lehmann, designer of Fast Food Franchise, Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy and many more

“Congratulations on your 30th year! That’s a remarkable achievement and you should be very proud of all the contributions you’ve made to our hobby.”


– Larry Levy, Gamers Alliance contributor

“It was great for me be involved in the Gamers Alliance Report project. In the years of blogs, portals and internet, it was great to contribute in keeping alive a real editorial project with an editorial staff and an editor. Herb was great both in suggesting titles and supporting ideas and proposals. I really learnt a lot about reviewing thanks to Herb’s advice and revisions. Herb is also great in making old issues available for all readers since they are full of great reviews. I really wish Gamers Alliance Report a long life and I think the gaming market needs people like Herb able to combine passion and competence and, of course, I hope to be able to continue this collaboration.”


– Andrea “Liga” Ligabue, Gamers Alliance contributor and
Artistic Director of PLAY, the Italian Games Festival

“Congratulations on 30 years – wow!”


– Kristin Looney, Looney Labs, publishers of Fluxx and many more

ticketridebox“Hey Herb. Congratulations on 30 years of GA. I had no idea there had been that many issues. You must be really old. Are you still using the same mimeograph you started out with? Thanks for all the great articles about my games and all the other articles too. I hope you’ll be able to keep it going for another 30 years. Best wishes.”


– Alan R. Moon, award winning designer of Ticket to Ride, Union Pacific, Black Spy and many more

“You can’t be around for 30 years unless you are offering the very best information – timely and important! Herb has done a magnificent job over the years with his wonderful publication. Perhaps we won’t have another 30 years of service from this old pro, but every issue has been a delight and I’m always looking forward to the next!


– Alan Newman, designer of Winds of Plunder, Dark Minions, Sun Tzu, Super 3 and many more

“Congrats Herb, I’ll have a few wall appropriate aliens give a shout out!”


– Peter Olotka, co-designer of Cosmic Encounter

winningmoveslogo“I can’t believe we’re coming up on the 30th anniversary of the Gamers’ Alliance! I’ve been reading your newsletter and your website since my dad, Phil Sr., first introduced me to you and your work back in the mid 90’s. You’ve done a fantastic job covering the game industry through the years. I’m particularly appreciative of your willingness to cover even the smallest companies, like Winning Moves when we first started in the mid 90’s. It meant, and still means, a lot to us.

You’re always been a friendly face in the industry, and a clear voice for gamers everywhere. Congratulations on 30 great years!”


– Phillip C. Orbanes, President, Winning Moves USA

“Gamers Alliance has gotten me every game I asked for, at a reasonable price and with good service.”


– Stephen Parrish, long time Gamers Alliance member

“… it only remains for me to congratulate Herb on thirty years of Gamers Alliance and thank him for allowing me to add my small contribution in recent years.”


– Pevans, Gamers Alliance Report contributor and leading British game reviewer

“I enjoyed my time writing reviews for Gamers Alliance. A great place to read positive thoughts on games. The ease with which people produce reviews and commentary on websites makes it easy to gripe, troll, and generally act cantankerous about games. Gamers Alliance was a place that focused on the positive side of games. Happy 30th!”


– Dave Rapp, Professor at Northwestern University and Gamers Alliance contributor

“My experience of providing backstory to Harry’s Grand Slam Baseball Game to Gamers Alliance [in the Fall 2005 issue of Gamers Alliance Report] was great. I appreciate the opportunity to fill in more than the usual ‘this game plays like this and is good/bad’ that you can find elsewhere.”


– Paul Sauberer, Gamers Alliance contributor

webofpower“Exceptional engagement is one thing. But the real goal is keeping the enthusiasm for such a long time! Congratulations!”


– Michael Schacht, game designer of Web of Power, Valdora and many more



Not many magazines have been in publication for 30 years, and to my knowledge, there is not a single board game magazine that has been in print for nearly that long. Gamers Alliance has reached this lofty height, which is certainly cause for celebration.


Herb Levy, the force / editor behind Gamers Alliance, has been producing this fine publication since its inception. His love of games is infectious, as is his friendly personality. I first “met” Herb via online boardgame forums, but didn’t meet him in person until many years later at Alan Moon’s Gathering of Friends convention. What an absolute joy, as Herb is a friendly, fun, knowledgeable and kind person. We have since shared not only fun times together at the boardgaming table, but also enjoyed great conversation at the dinner table and just relaxing. I wish we could get together more often than just once a year. It is not without trying, as he has an open invitation to any Gulf Games event and to my home!


Even before I began contributing to Gamers Alliance many years ago, I always enjoyed reading the reviews and commentary from the cast Herb had assembled. I was pleased and honored when he asked me to begin contributing, and I do my best to do so each issue, even though the pressures of real life often make it difficult. Herb is a natural salesman, though, and has a way of coercing material from me even when my schedule is overflowing!


Herb: congratulations on reaching this lofty milestone. You are to be commended on your dedication in producing a magazine filled with excellent and interesting material. Thank you for allowing me to play a small role. But much more importantly, thank you for being such a wonderful person and my friend.”


– Greg J. Schloesser, Gamers Alliance Report contributor, founder of the International Gamers Awards (IGA), editor of Counter magazine, and organizer of Gulf Games

viticulturexxx“Congrats on 30 years! That’s incredible. Here’s to another 30 years of Gamers Alliance!”


– Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games (and co-designer of Viticulture, Euphoria and more)

“I congratulate you on 30 years. What an interesting time in the game business: From the mid 80s until now – so much has happened and changed. I guess 30 years of Gamers Alliance Report is – amongst other things – a historical document for maybe the most interesting time concerning board games. Hopefully we will have 30 years more with such a development, accompanied with Gamers Alliance of course.”


– Reiner Stockhausen, designer of Orleans, Siberia and more

What can one say about a collectors magazine/association that has been around longer than some collectors and players? For the nearly 30 years that I’ve known him, Herb has been a source of information that few possess. Not only that, he is a source of inspiration as well, since his love of games and enthusiasm for play is downright catching. Back in the old days when Herb and Sid (Sackson) and I used to hang out, well…that’s another story. Congratulations on your 30th, Herb, and I hope we can both celebrate Gamers Alliance’s 50th when it comes around. Cheers!


– Bruce Whitehill (aka “The Big Game Hunter”)


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