Reviewed by Herb Levy

1960: THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT (GMT Games, 2 players, ages 14 and up, 90 minutes; $85)


Conventional “wisdom” among game companies is that presidential election games are only worth publishing in presidential election years. As with many of these so-called truisms, they are not necessarily true. A good game is a good game. If the game happens to deal with an intense and pivotal election for President of the United States – and does it well, then anytime is a good time for it. Evidently, the people at GMT Games agree as they have republished (with a few tweaks) the Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews design on one of the closest elections of the last century, when Senator John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated former Vice-President Richard Nixon, in the year that gives the game its name: 1960: The Making of the President.

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