Reviewed by Joe Huber

18EU (DEEP THOUGHT GAMES, 3 to 6 players, ages 14 and up, 4 to 6 hours, Free)


18xx games, for anyone not familiar, are complex economic games where players invest in railroad companies, and then the player with the most stock in each company runs the company, having it build track, buy trains, and run the trains, either withholding the money (lowering the stock price) or paying out to the stockholders (raising the stock price).  Different 18xx games will focus on the stock market, with companies regularly changing hands, or on company operation, with a greater emphasis on how the companies perform.  Each game also has different settings, and different aspects beyond the core elements.  Typically (though not always), the purchase of bigger trains causes earlier, smaller trains to rust, encouraging players who aren’t taking best advantage of the current trains to push things forward. 18EU (designed by David G. D. Hecht and now available for Print and Play at http://www.deepthoughtgames.com/#games/18EU/downloads) is a reasonably interesting take on 18xx, set on the European mainland.

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